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Design Patterns: Decorator

   |  3 minute read

Next up in my Design Patterns series is the Decorator pattern, which allows you to give your objects new responsibilities at runtime without making any code ...

Chicago Tech Academy Speaker Series

   |  less than 1 minute read

Last week, I was invited to speak during the Power Lunch speaker series at Chicago Tech Academy: a STEM focused high school in Chicago’s West Loop neighborho...

Read By Refactoring - Part 2: Naming as a Process

   |  3 minute read

This is part 2 in my Read By Refactoring series. In this post, I’ll discuss what our instructor described as “Naming as a Process”, which highlights a way to...

AI Awakening NYT

   |  3 minute read

Everyone can see the impact A.I. is having our lives, but an article I read in NYT magazine titled “The Great A.I. Awakening” hammers home just how impressiv...

Looking ahead to 2017

   |  6 minute read

Wow, 2016 went by fast! Here’s a quick recap of what went down, and what my goals are for 2017.